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Tagging Complex Tables

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Complex Tables are to be avoided at all cost, as I stated in yesterday’s post, The Trouble with Tables: A Brief Introduction. The reason is that they will create 3 to 6 hours of work apiece for authors, developers, or remediators.  I’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching my cache of problematic PDFs, looking for complex tables to use as an example, such as the following: This sure looks like a complex table, and it is – but only due to the author’s desire to attach two separate tables together.  A Section 508 remediator might send this back to the… Read More

The Trouble with Tables: A Brief Introduction

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This is the first in a three-part series of blog posts that is dedicated to the many people in Government agencies who deal with PDF files on a daily basis, and encounter Section 508 requirements for these files. The Federal Government generates tens of thousands of PDF documents annually, and all of these must be made accessible. This task often falls to Section 508 departments, individual remediators, or even content authors. The goal of this blog series is to highlight special issues (and headaches) that you all will encounter. The topics I will be addressing will be based on some of… Read More

The Importance of Role Mapping in Acrobat

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When I first began in accessibility some years ago, I had never heard of Role Mapping in Acrobat. I was a PDF remediator, spending hundreds of hours making PDFs accessible, and I had never heard of one of the most powerful accessibility tools available for a production environment. I would guess that this still pretty much the case today. The reason why so many of us did not know about Role Mapping is probably due to the fact that Adobe Acrobat does such a good job of shielding users from what is under the hood. It’s there, however, and very… Read More

New Webinar Series – Accessible Documents in the Enterprise

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Beginning mid-September SBB BART Group will present a three-part webinar series on electronic document accessibility, Accessible Documents in the Enterprise – PDF, Office and Beyond. SSB CEO Tim Springer will be joined by Steve Jones and Shannon Kelly from Actuate Content Services Group. Actuate’s technology allows organizations to design, process, store and deliver high volume content such as statements and bills, and offers the only server-based solution on the market that can capture print streams and automate PDF tagging for compliance with the ADA, Section 508, and the provisions of WCAG 2.0. Part I:  Business, Legal and Industry Requirements Register Thursday, September 12th, 2:00pm… Read More

PDF Document Accessibility – Q & A (Part 2)

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This blog is the second in a two-part series addressing questions from a webinar SSB presented with Adobe and FedInsider in January on PDF document accessibility. Some relevant links: The First Q & A Blog Adobe Accessibility Page Adobe Accessibility Blog View Recorded Webinar Q: Can we use the Adobe Pro checker for other PDFs created by Word or LiveCycle? A:  Word Yes, LiveCycle no. Q: How does LiveCycle fit in? Is it considered a native application? A: Yes, accessibility must be implemented in LiveCycle. LiveCycle documents that are dynamic XFA documents cannot have their tags updated in Acrobat. Q: Can forms… Read More

PDF Document Accessibility – Q & A (Part 1)

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Our joint webinar with Adobe and FedInsider in January on PDF document accessibility was a great success! There were so many good questions, but unfortunately only a short period of time to address them.  This blog is the first of a two-part series that will address those questions.  Many thanks to Andrew Kirkpatrick from Adobe and our own Jonathan Avila for answering the participants’ questions. A couple of relevant links Adobe accessibility: Adobe Accessibility Blog: View recorded webinar: And now for the Q & A Q: I keep getting the following error message when I try to make PDFs accessible… Read More

Remediating PDF Documents

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PDF Remediation A lot of people panic when they see the number of violations listed for a PDF document.  Many believe that remediating PDF documents is  difficult. The reality is this – there are a lot of steps involved in remediating PDFs, but it is not difficult.  Allow yourself plenty of time and follow these tips and you’ll be golden. The most time consuming elements when remediating PDFs are usually tables and list structures. The following are some hints for remediating all types of elements in PDF documents: Use the table editor to your advantage when remediating tables. The table editor provides… Read More

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