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Diving into the Deep End: A Discussion on SVG, Angular, and Accessibility

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Recently I had the pleasure and privilege of attending my first Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities conference, commonly referred to as CSUN. CSUN is a fabulous opportunity to learn from, network with and engage other practitioners in the accessibility and assistive technology fields. I had a wonderful time connecting with friends – both old and new – and learning how each of them strives to use technology to empower people with disabilities. The first session I attended was entitled Diving into the Deep End: A Discussion on SVG, Angular, and Accessibility, presented by the fine Simply Accessible team…. Read More

JRE 7 Update 6 Now Comes Bundled with the Java Access Bridge

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Introduction With the release of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7 update 6 (7u6), Oracle has begun distributing the Java Access Bridge as part of the JRE. The Java Access Bridge (JAB) exposes accessibility information about Java components to screen readers and other assistive technologies running on the Windows platform and must be installed in order to use Java applications such as AMP Desktop with screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA. The Access Bridge is not required to use Java applications with assistive technologies on the Mac and Linux platforms. As noted in a previous blog entry, the… Read More

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