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Accessible Images Using Angular

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Angular.js is becoming a widely used framework for web development. The framework allows developers to create readable code, is known to be fully extensible, and works well with other libraries. However, developers must still ensure accessibility when using the angular framework. While angular has accessibility features using the ngAria module, there are basic accessibility techniques that still need to be considered. Unfortunately, the tutorials in the site lack basic accessibility. For example, the Angular.js tutorial covers two examples using images. The first covers basic images and displaying images on the page. The second takes these images and makes them… Read More

jQuery UI Accessibility Analysis

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I recently had a discussion on the Web Accessibility LinkedIn group regarding the importance of keyboard accessibility, and how there needs to be an accessibility related training resource for engineering students, one that is always accessible out of the box, in order for informed diagnosis of accessibility issues to take place effectively in the future. During the conversation, jQuery UI was suggested as an accessible resource for this purpose. Since a comprehensive accessibility analysis of jQuery UI has not recently been done, I decided to do so in order to see what the current level of accessibility is for the… Read More

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