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SSB BART Group Acquires Evaluera Ltd

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Expanding SSB BART Group’s Reach to the United Kingdom and EU Vienna, Virginia – [October 17, 2016] – SSB BART Group (SSB), the leader in digital accessibility in the United States announces the acquisition of Evaluera Ltd, a UK-based digital accessibility company. SSB brings 20 years of experience in the digital accessibility space in the U.S. with a robust client roster that includes government agencies and higher education, as well as some of the world’s best-known brands in banking, telecommunications, healthcare, software and retail. SSB’s Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) is a cloud-based, scalable SaaS that allows companies to manage accessibility across the… Read More

SSB’s Sam Joehl Appointed to FCC’s Disability Advisory Committee

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a Public Notice this week announcing the membership of its new Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) .  We’re excited to announce that SSB’s own Sam Joehl was appointed to the committee, which will provide advice and recommendations on a wide array of disability matters  and facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in proceedings before the FCC.  The DAC is being organized under, and operated in accordance with, the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The FCC received over 120 applications, from which they selected a well-balanced membership with a diverse and balanced mix of viewpoints… Read More

Career Opportunities with SSB BART Group

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Interested in working for a company that provides you a chance to grow professionally, give back to society and make money doing it? If so, SSB BART Group  may be the right company for you. SSB helps companies design and enhance their digital systems – including web sites, web applications, software, hardware, and services – so they are usable by people with disabilities. In the same way that buildings must conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) modern web sites, applications and mobile systems must be accessible to people with disabilities or face legal liability. SSB enables organizations to… Read More

SSB BART Group CEO Recognized by White House

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On Tuesday, October 14th, one of SSB’s own, Tim Springer will be honored by the White House as a Disability Employment Champion of Change. The White House Champions of Change program recognizes every day Americans who are making positive changes in their communities, and this event will honor those doing extraordinary work to make workplaces more accessible and create employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. From the very early days of SSB BART Group Tim understood the value of hiring technologists with disabilities. Uniquely qualified to identify and develop working solutions to digital accessibility challenges, these creative, knowledgeable and dynamic professionals have… Read More

Compliance Monitor – Comprehensive Reporting

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In my last two posts I covered the launch of Compliance Monitor, SSB’s new turnkey monitoring solution for full regulatory compliance with digital accessibility laws, as well as the testing methodology utilized by Compliance Monitor to ensure complete regulatory coverage.  In this post I’ll highlight a few of the custom reports available to Compliance Monitor users. Successful accessibility initiatives demand comprehensive reports that are tailored to specific roles within an organization – from sponsoring executive to implementing developer. Compliance Monitor provides detailed reports across a number of parameters, including percentages of compliance with standards, best practices for addressing all identified… Read More

Compliance Monitor – Complete Regulatory Coverage

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Last week I posted about the launch of Compliance Monitor, SSB’s new turnkey monitoring solution for full regulatory compliance with digital accessibility laws, regulations and standards.  In this post I’ll get into a little more detail about the Compliance Monitor testing methodology. When it comes to digital accessibility compliance, automated testing only solves a small piece of the puzzle. For full regulatory compliance coverage, manual code-level validation and functional use case testing are also required. This includes ensuring the system can, in practice, be effectively used by individuals with disabilities. Without this full scope of testing, regulatory or legal conformance… Read More

Ai Squared “AMPs” Up Digital Accessibility via SSB BART Group

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MANCHESTER, Vt., Sept. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Ai Squared, makers of ZoomText, the world’s number one screen magnifier and screen reader for the visually impaired, continues its drive to help more Americans with disabilities by adopting SSB BART Group’s (SSB) Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) for use within the company’s Accessibility Services Division. AMP is a web-based platform that provides the infrastructure to facilitate all aspects of accessibility compliance. Ai Squared plans to use AMP’s rich feature set to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions for organizations of all sizes that are striving to make their websites and digital content accessible to… Read More

Compliance Monitor – A Turnkey Compliance Solution

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SSB is excited to announce the launch of Compliance Monitor, our turnkey monitoring solution for full regulatory compliance with digital accessibility laws, regulations and standards, including the ADA, WCAG, CVAA, AODA, Mandate 376 and Section 508 on a continuous basis. The Problem You need to ensure that your site or application is compliant with leading accessibility laws and standards. To do that you need to test it. You can start with an automated tool, but for full regulatory compliance coverage you also need manual and functional use case test­ing. It’s the only way to be sure that the vital requirements… Read More

Dragon 13 ARIA Support is Here!

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Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 (both premium and professional versions) was release recently and adds support for the Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) specification. Dragon is speech recognition software that allows a user to dictate text as well as control their computer through spoken commands. Dragon 13 tests for this post were performed using Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 31 (with the Firefox Dragon extension) that is installed when Dragon 13 is run the first time with Firefox. aria-labelledby The aria-labelledby property allows authors to reference page content such as text as the accessible name for a control such as an… Read More

How to Provide Accessible Error Identification

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Overview This post covers the basics of providing accessible form error identification to users with disabilities. Accessible error identification in particular benefits users who are blind or visually impaired and users with cognitive impairments. Good error identification has benefits to all users. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level A and AA provide three main success criteria (SC) for accessible error identification. SC 3.3.1 Error identification SC 3.3.3 Error suggestions SC 3.3.4 Error Prevention in legal and Financial transactions Providing clear form instructions and labels (WCAG SC 3.3.2) is also critical to prevent errors before they occur. Review this success… Read More

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