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If Everything is Urgent, Nothing is Urgent

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AT CSUN 2015 I had the pleasure of attending many great sessions. As an Accessibility Consultant myself, a quote from the session titled “Targeting an Exceptional Online Shopping Experience” really resonated with me; “if everything is urgent, nothing is urgent”. Accessibility Consultants for presented a mature testing and development approach to digital accessibility within an agile environment.   The team showcased the importance and success of partnering with the user experience (UX) teams within the organization through support and consultation ranging from wireframe reviews, pattern libraries and assistive technology testing to name a few. It is a valiant trait of… Read More

AMP for Mobile Is Here!

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) for Mobile, SSB’s automated testing engine for native mobile applications (iOS and Android) and mobile web content.  Designed in collaboration with IBM, the new mobile testing engine is seamlessly integrated within the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), adding the ability to perform on-device automated testing of mobile systems to AMP’s turnkey solution for managing all facets of an organization’s digital accessibility initiative. AMP for Mobile incorporates the IBM AbilityLab™ Mobile Accessibility Checker into the AMP infrastructure, allowing organizations to deploy automated testing of mobile applications and content directly within their agile mobile development and delivery… Read More

AMP Spring 2014 is Here!

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News from the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Product Team: SSB BART Group is pleased to announce the launch of The Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Spring 2014 release. This release will occur end of day, April 09, 2014, and all AMP users will be automatically upgraded to the latest version of AMP. If your organization has an individual instance of AMP such as or is currently self-hosting AMP, your AMP administrator will be contacted in order to schedule an upgrade to the AMP Spring 2014 version. While various new capabilities are available with this latest upgrade, SSB BART Group would… Read More

Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Summer 2013 Released

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SSB BART Group is pleased to announce the release of Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Summer 2013.  AMP Summer 2013 provides a new and improved user interface (UI), featuring design innovations and functionality upgrades that enhance the overall usability, efficiency and aesthetics of the platform. Highlights of the new version include: A Fresh Look and Feel – The product team at SSB BART Group implemented a thorough design and development review to ensure the success of the new UI. AMP navigation has been enhanced throughout the application as a whole. Most significantly, the refinement of the main navigational structure is aimed… Read More

Mobile Best Practices and Auditing Capabilities with the Accessibility Management Platform

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Many organizations now offer mobile applications and websites to their end users. With this relatively recent shift away from providing strictly non-mobile websites and applications, organizations should be aware that mobile applications are generally covered by the same accessibility standards as non-mobile software and web content. The Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) offered by SSB BART Group (SSB) provides mobile best practices and auditing capabilities for both the Android OS and iOS.  Organizations should aim to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring that their mobile applications and mobile websites meet the accessibility requirements of standards such as Section 508 and… Read More

The Accessibility Management Platform: What’s New & What’s Coming in 2013

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The Fall 2012 release of AMP included the addition of many new key features based on our primary goal of providing AMP subscribers with the necessary solutions, knowledge and guidance to facilitate all aspects of accessibility compliance testing. Some of the improvements you’ll find in the new release: Document Object Module (DOM) Testing  AMP supports the spidering and automated testing of the true Document Object Model (DOM) for all web content. This allows the AMP automated testing functionality to render web content in a true browser during the spidering process before performing the automated evaluation. This ensures that the true end user experience is being… Read More

AMP Fall 2012 – Available Now!

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The Fall 2012 release of the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) is out. We are very excited about the enhancements that have been made to AMP for this release, including the addition of many new key features. SSB’s primary goal is to provide AMP subscribers with the solutions, knowledge and guidance to facilitate all aspects of accessibility compliance testing. The release of Fall 2012 begins the first phase of the new workflow user interface (UI). The new UI will introduce new test functionality features which transition users from creating a report to creating a test. Once the test is conducted, a… Read More

JRE 7 Update 6 Now Comes Bundled with the Java Access Bridge

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Introduction With the release of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7 update 6 (7u6), Oracle has begun distributing the Java Access Bridge as part of the JRE. The Java Access Bridge (JAB) exposes accessibility information about Java components to screen readers and other assistive technologies running on the Windows platform and must be installed in order to use Java applications such as AMP Desktop with screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA. The Access Bridge is not required to use Java applications with assistive technologies on the Mac and Linux platforms. As noted in a previous blog entry, the… Read More

Active Accessibility Object Inspector: Cool Tool to Test Software

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When AMP Toolbar Cannot Do the Testing The Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Toolbar is great for testing web pages for accessibility. It can test images for text alternatives, form fields for explicit labels and headings and data tables for proper structure to name a few. However, the AMP Toolbar cannot test software applications—not yet, at least. The ideal testing tool for software is Active Accessibility Object Inspector, otherwise known as Object Inspect. The Inspected Elements Object Inspect is used to test software applications to check if their elements and interfaces have Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) information. MSAA information helps screen… Read More

Accessibility Management Platform – Mobile Support

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As of the Spring 2012 release, the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) provides mobile best practices and auditing capabilities for both Android OS and iOS. As mobile devices are becoming more and more popular, organizations should aim to stay ahead of the curve by offering mobile applications and mobile websites that are enticing to use and accessible. This will ensure that your organization will be reaching the maximum audience possible. The mobile best practices allow users to test conformance of iOS and Android applications with the following standards: Section 508 WCAG Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 AMP leverages mobile best practices to… Read More

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