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Web Accessibility Isn’t About “Better” – It’s About Equality

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Guest blog by David Ashleydale, Web Accessibility Strategist We all know images that represent some kind of content need to have appropriate ALT text assigned to them. It’s usually better to not use images at all for this purpose, but it still happens. I came across a situation the other day that involved a data table being used to compare products. The rows represented the various products and the columns represented different features. The data cells either had a big dot in them or nothing — the assumption was that the dot meant that the feature in that column was… Read More

Does the Business Case for IT Accessibility Matter?

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reposted by permission from guest blogger Jeff Kline ( I recently returned from DEEP 2012, a conference on ICT accessibility organized by G3ict and sponsored by the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University. The conference was held in Toronto and brought together thought leaders and experts in areas of ICT accessibility, covering an array of topics and brainstorming sessions related to moving ICT accessibility forward at a greater clip. Although not on the agenda, one topic pervasive in both the formal and informal conference discussions was related to the frustration around the lack of solid ICT accessibility business cases…. Read More

Captioning Support in Internet Explorer 10: An Accessibility Breakthrough

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Guest blog by Thomas Logan and James Herndon If you frequently watch video content on the web, you may have noticed the recent increase in the availability of captions. Sometimes they are part of the video itself, while other times they are created by voice recognition software during playback. In either scenario, the increased visibility of captioning technology is a result of The Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, which requires VoIP providers and manufacturers to make their services and equipment more accessible to web users with disabilities. Another reason for the increased availability of captioning support is that… Read More

Accessibility in Social Media

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by guest blogger Debra Ruh Ruh Global Consulting I am a big fan of social media. I use it to highlight the value of including everyone in society, with a special emphasis on the community of people with disabilities (PwD and accessible Internet, Communications and Technology (ICT).  I believe that we (the community of PwD) are finding our voices via social media; however, there are some significant accessibility issues that should be addressed. Blogs, podcasts, social networks and other social media platforms are increasingly becoming the communication medium of choice, allowing users to communicate, receive information, distribute content and follow… Read More

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