Alchemy is violation mitigation made simple. Say goodbye to manual fixes of thousands of violations. Say goodbye to weeks of testing and remediation. Say hello to Alchemy. The newest extension to our Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) makes enhanced JavaScript-based testing, analysis, and repair for web systems easier than ever before.


In-Browser Testing

Testing with Alchemy happens right on the page, so you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where each violation is located. You can choose automatic, guided automatic, or manual testing.

Human-Readable Test Results

Each violation is linked to the relevant AMP best practices so you will understand what needs to be fixed, who it benefits, and how to fix it.

Repair without Development Time

The most common and high priority issues can be fixed with no changes to source code, page functionality, appearance, or load time. In fact, they can be done by any web-savvy member of your team, regardless of whether they can read or write code.

Repeat your Successes

Eliminate hundreds— or thousands!—of violations in just a few clicks using Alchemy’s Replay feature.

Alchemy is fully integrated with other SSB products and services in the SSB ecosystem and across the broader web. This ensures organizations are provided with a consistent, integrated set of accessibility issues, best practices and policies across all use points. Testing and remediation with Alchemy is quick and easy, freeing your developers to work their magic.

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