AMP For Mobile

Mobile Accessibility: There’s an App for That!

AMP for Mobile is an add-on testing engine providing automatic testing support for mobile applications and mobile web content. Testing is facilitated by simply deploying a series of accessibility testing libraries within mobile development environments. Results are then recorded within AMP, where additional auditing processes can be performed and testing data is maintained over time.

Supported Platforms

AMP for Mobile supports iOS and Android native applications, in addition to mobile web content as rendered on the device itself. Each platform has a complete library of automated and manual accessibility Best Practices updated and maintained by SSB on a continuous basis.

On-Device Testing

AMP for Mobile allows testing to be performed directly on the mobile device. This means that the automated testing of mobile applications can be run directly on smartphones and tablets. This ensures the optimum level of accuracy during the testing process, as simple source code analysis only covers a fraction of potential issues.

Development Lifecycle Integration

Automated testing is integrated with development lifecycle testing best practices and can be included and configured from all industry-leading source code editors and integrated development environments. Along with testing directly on the mobile device, users can also initiate testing via source emulators. This is extremely beneficial to developers who are actively developing applications as they are given the ability to do rapid, iterative testing during the development phase to identify and remediate digital accessibility concerns. Digital accessibility is thereby introduced at the earliest stages of development, which is ultimately much more efficient than relying on costly retrofitting of applications.

Unified Testing Control Deployment

All testing controls, standard definitions, and Best Practices are centrally configured and automatically deployed across an organization. This ensures that all compliance efforts are inferred using a single set of requirements, thus eliminating different interpretations of compliance. Centralized standards management benefits internal, contractor, and vendor organizations, and requires all parties to test and report on the same standards. As new standards and platforms are added to AMP, centralized management allows them to be quickly and easily incorporated, with no disruption to an organization’s compliance activities.

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