Accessibility Help Desk

Customized on-demand support for digital accessibility compliance is extremely complicated, especially when you’re trying to retrofit existing applications to meet accessibility standards and avoid litigation. SSB BART Group’s (SSB) team not only understands the current landscape (e.g., ADA, Section 508, CVAA, and the WCAG), we also have insights about future legislation that will keep you ahead of the curve. No matter where you are in your product lifecycle, you will find immense value in Accessibility Help Desk.

With Accessibility Help Desk, you can:

  • Get immediate help with accessibility project planning, testing, or development
  • Submit, track, and review support tickets with ease
  • Build an FAQ that is unique to your organization’s needs—automatically!
  • Protect your organization from litigation by documenting your compliance timeline
  • Maintain your accessibility compliance through changes in technology and legislation
  • Avoid the costs of hiring in-house accessibility experts. SSB’s Accessibility Help Desk supports your leadership, quality assurance, and development teams whenever they have a need for digital accessibility expertise. It is fully integrated with SSB’s Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), so you’ll have a consistent record of accessibility issues, best practices, and policies across your entire organization.


Documentation Tailored to Your Needs

Tired of sifting through FAQs that don’t answer your questions…or combing through old emails for a support ticket filed two years ago? With Accessibility Help Desk, your online portal features your organization’s frequently asked questions and a detailed record of issue resolutions and best practices. Any of your colleagues—from the executive team to marketing to development— can access your portal and get answers to their questions. Help Desk builds your organization’s compliance knowledge base automatically, so your successes are easily repeatable, even when you grow your team.

Targeted Testing On Demand

As part of Accessibility Help Desk, you will have access to our compliance and assistive technology testers, many of whom use assistive technology in their daily lives. Instead of searching for, interviewing, and hiring accessibility experts, simply borrow our team whenever you need them. Let your developers focus on what they do best; we’ll take the lead on the rest.

Violation Mitigation & Training

After an audit, when you’re staring at a daunting list of violations, take a deep breath and open up Accessibility Help Desk. We’ve got this! Our team prioritizes your accessibility needs, identifies the low-hanging fruit, and codes side-by-side with your developers, seamlessly integrating accessibility solutions with your architecture. We’ll also provide custom documentation and training for your developers so they can avoid similar violations in the future. With our help, your application will meet the gold standard of accessibility and protect you from litigation.

Policy & Program Creation Guidance

Let us handle the paperwork and the jargon. If you are already facing litigation, we will develop the documents your legal team needs for your case. If you are not facing litigation yet, our policy and program development consultation will help you get compliant, and stay compliant. We have our finger on the pulse of the changing accessibility laws around the world and will keep you ahead of the curve.

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