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SSB University’s curricula of accessibility-focused courses is designed to ensure participants have the knowledge and skill to design, build, and test Information Technology (IT) systems that conform to relevant accessibility requirements and standards. Course topics span accessibility awareness and basic accessibility testing, design, and remediation to advanced accessibility topics including making complex interactions accessible and accessibility auditing methodology. Each course is designed to ensure participants are able to directly apply the training to their jobs and design, develop and audit against relevant accessibility requirements independent of a third party.

Benefits of SSB University

Unlimited Access to Online Courses and Resources

An annual subscription provides unlimited, on-demand access to all courses provided through SSB University, as well as:

  • Accessibility best practices related to course content
  • Job aids
  • Testing manuals
  • Training videos
  • Reference materials
  • Moderated class forums

Students have access to an extensive amount of compelling, actively curated information that can radically accelerate their accessibility knowledge.


A key part of any online learning experience is the ability for students to help each other learn and exchange information with each other throughout the course of study. SSB provides access to fully integrated, actively moderated course forums. Forums are moderated by experts who can answer questions and guide students in their study.

User Tracking and Management

Organization administrators can observe their employees’ progress, view notes, receive notifications on individual course completion, and obtain feedback on how they are progressing through the system. Managers can easily receive up-to-date, precise information about the growth of their team’s knowledge base.

Courses for Every Aspect of Accessibility

Select as many or as few courses as are relevant to your organization’s needs.

Accessibility Awareness Curriculum (ACC)

  • Audience: Managers, Designers, Developers, QA Specialists, Content Authors, Procurement, HR, and Communications
  • Courses:
    • Accessibility Concepts
    • Introduction to JAWS

Accessibility Policy and U.S. Federal Regulations Curriculum (POL)

  • Audience: Managers, Designers, Developers, QA Specialists, Content Authors, Procurement, HR, and Communications
  • Courses:
    • Introduction to ADA
    • Introduction to CVAA
    • Introduction to Section 508
    • Introduction to WCAG 2.0

Accessibility Testing and Evaluation Curriculum (ACCE)

  • Audience: QA Engineers and Developers
  • Courses:
    • Accessibility Audit Methodology
    • Accessibility Testing Tools Overview
    • Screen Readers for Testers

Document Accessibility Curriculum (DOCA)

  • Audience: Content Authors
  • Courses:
    • Adobe Acrobat X Accessibility
    • Adobe Acrobat XI Accessibility
    • Adobe InDesign CS6 Accessibility
    • Microsoft Office 2010 Word Accessibility
    • Microsoft Office 2010 Excel Accessibility
    • Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint Accessibility
    • Microsoft Office 2013 Word Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility Curriculum (MOBA)

  • Audience: Designers, Developers, and QA specialists
  • Courses:
    • Mobile Accessibility Basics
    • iOS Mobile Accessibility for Testers
    • iOS Mobile Accessibility for Developers
    • Android Mobile Accessibility for Developers

Web Accessibility Curriculum (WEBA)

  • Audience: Managers, Developers, Designers, and QA Specialists
  • Courses:
    • Web Accessibility Basics
    • Web Accessibility Advanced
    • Web Accessibility for Developers
    • Accessibility QA for the Web
    • Introduction to ARIA
    • ARIA for Developers I
    • ARIA for Developers II

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