PDF & Document Remediation

Make Your Acrobat and Other Electronic Documents Compliant

Many accessibility standards require that electronic documents be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Commonly, this includes documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF). SSB BART Group can help your organization quickly and easily bring large document collections into compliance with the relevant standards.

In general, the core use of the Portable Document Format is to ensure that a document looks the same online as it does in print form. This includes ensuring that the document looks the same on different systems without having to install specialized fonts or rely on underlying operating system packages. An accessible version of the Acrobat document can be held to the same standard – a document is considered accessible if assistive technologies can provide the same information provided visually in the document. This information is provided via a tag structure format packaged within the document that represents the document’s visual and structural components.

The fundamental requirement for an accessible and compliant PDF document is that the document tag structure fully represents the visual information provided by the document itself. The process to determine this requires an individual to review each page in the document to ensure that it conforms to all the accessibility requirements and modify the tag structure of the page when required to ensure compliance. This leads to a relatively straightforward workflow for remediating any given document:

  • The document is received by SSB BART Group and escrowed in the AMP Remediation Workflow Module.
  • Tags are added to the file using the project standard version of Adobe Acrobat Professional.
  • Each page in the document is validated against the final PDF document checklist. Any items that are not in compliance are remediated. Any remediation items are noted in the remediation report.
  • The overall document is validated against the final PDF document checklist. Any items that are not in compliance are remediated. Any remediation items are noted in the remediation report.
  • A copy of the remediated document is saved to the workflow infrastructure.
  • The remediated document and a copy of the remediation report are delivered to the client.

Accessibility requirements include a variety of different compliance requirements when applied to PDF. Clients should be aware that no legally binding set of PDF accessibility requirements are currently defined by the U.S. Access Board, thus some latitude can be applied in the manner in which the client chooses to develop PDF documents to conform to the Section 508 requirements. The exact set of best practices that are relevant to the client will be developed as an outcome of the the initial assessment activities, defining a concise set of accessibility requirements for the remediating activity.

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