Policy and Program Development

As part of Accessibility Policy Development SSB will work with client to develop and implement a policy and related standards for addressing accessibility across the client’s entire organization. Developing an Accessibility Policy for a client generally involves work in six areas.

Accessibility Policy

SSB will work with the client team to develop an overall client Accessibility Policy that defines the target standards and requirements the client will focus on for accessibility. The goal of this policy will be to actualize the relevant legal, regulatory and industry requirements to the client’s operating reality and provide any additional policies that are relevant to client operating environment.

Accessibility Issue Resolution Policy

SSB will work with client to define escalation and resolution paths for issues relating to ICT accessibility. This resolution policy will be harmonized with any existing, real world accessibility resolution policies client may have in place. This will include a defined public method for all systems to expose the accessibility resolution front end – such as a public e-mail address or contact form – and time lines for responding to accessibility issues.

Accessibility Quality Control Plan

SSB will work with client to define the Accessibility Quality Control Plan. This will define extensions to client’s current development process to ensure that accessibility is properly validated throughout the development process. It will include extensions to roles to define accessibility testing responsibilities as well as the setup of specific accessibility gateways throughout the development process. At each of these gateways accessibility will be tested and validated at a level of detail appropriate for that stage of the development process.

The Accessibility Quality Control plan will also define the auditing methodologies that client will utilize for determining compliance. These will provide a range of formality in testing from ad-hoc, informal to full, formal testing and a definition of what level of formality should be used at each stage in the development process.

Accessibility Monitoring Plan

SSB will work with client to define the Accessibility Monitoring Plan. This will define the systems and methodologies in place to monitor production systems for accessibility. Notably this plan should provide for active, automatic testing as part of client’s standard functional regression and monitoring testing. This would include activities related to the setup of the initial monitoring, testing of the monitoring for scope and accuracy for a given web property, and deployment of monitoring reports to relevant site owners.

The monitoring plan will also provide for a method to monitor inbound IT Accessibility issues including the reporting time frame, the number of incidences within that time frame, the actions taken to resolve each issue, the time to resolve each issue and an up or down determination if the service threshold defined in the Accessibility Issue Resolution Policy was met for each issue.

Legal Review

As part of the development of the policy SSB works with team members to coordinate a review of the current legal and regulatory requirements in place with client to support the as deployed client Accessibility Standards. This review will include legal and regulatory information and authority of organization to act. SSB will highlight this matter and propose draft legal text for client to adopt.

Procurement and Contracting Policy

SSB will develop a procurement and contracting policy that compliments the Accessibility Policy. This policy will be developed by procurement experts with the goal of ensuring client dollars spent on ICT are spent on accessible ICT that conforms to client Accessibility Standards. This activity is outlined in more depth in the Vendor Conformance Program page.

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