SSB BART Group’s digital accessibility experts are ready to share their knowledge directly with your team. Our wide range of compelling, actively curated course material has been honed by 20 years of experience helping companies large and small, from the Fortune 500 to small businesses and government agencies.

Training can include:

  • On-site classroom instruction
  • Small group instruction, coding side-by-side with your developers
  • Web-based, interactive instruction
  • Individual Q&A via our Help Desk

Benefits of SSB BART Group Accessibility Training

  • Reduce the time necessary to implement accessibility enhancements to existing systems
  • Quickly identify and address known accessibility problems
  • Reduce costs by integrating accessibility into development processes and avoiding expensive retrofitting projects

All training courses are coupled with access to extensive online training manuals and reference materials. These manuals include accessibility best practices, detailed information on leading accessibility standards, testing techniques and implementation methods.

Honed by Years of Experience

All course and reference materials are designed and created by SSB’s own consulting, product development, and training teams. Our hands-on approach guarantees that your organization has access to the latest and most up-to-date best practices. All trainers are experts in accessibility, assistive technology testing, and validation; thus, the people teaching the class have real world knowledge of addressing accessibility problems.

Training Plan Development

SSB will collaborate with your leadership to create a training plan to meet the organization’s specific training needs. The curriculum defined in the training plan will provide both a baseline level of accessibility knowledge and a framework for maintaining and updating that knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Course Customization

We will customize standard course content to optimize the amount of training material your team members must be trained on. The goal of the training courses is to ensure that your team members have the knowledge to ensure your systems conform to the relevant accessibility requirements. The courses will provide both a baseline level of accessibility knowledge and a framework for maintaining and updating that knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Training Delivery Options

SSB offers several options for delivery of training.  Based on project specific requirements, geographical distribution of the student base, and the level of domain knowledge associated with accessibility compliance, SSB will recommend a specific delivery option or blended solution that is most appropriate for the client.

For instructor-led training, the recommended number of students varies based on the level of interaction desired for the class.

  • For lecture-based training, a virtually unlimited number of students may attend.
  • For interactive classes, SSB recommends no more than 20 students per class.
  • For code-along instruction, SSB recommends a ratio of four developers to one instructor.

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