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Web Accessibility Overview

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This presentation by Tim Springer provides a high-level overview of core accessibility concepts including challenges faced by various user - View

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    If Everything is Urgent, Nothing is Urgent

    Posted by Jason Megginson on March 25, 2015

    AT CSUN 2015 I had the pleasure of attending many great sessions. As an Accessibility Consultant myself, a quote from the session titled “Targeting an Exceptional Online Shopping Experience” really resonated with me; “if everything is urgent, nothing is urgent”.  Accessibility Consultants for Target.com presented a mature testing and development approach to digital accessibility within …Read more

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    Next week SSB’s Chief Accessibility Officer Jonathan Avila will present a webinar for The Great Lakes ADA Center as part of their Accessible Technology Online Webinar Series. On Thursday, March 19th Jonathan will present: What is Speech Recognition Software, How is It Used, and What You Should Know When Authoring Web Content. This presentation will …Read more