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A collection of our previously recorded webinars available to access at your convenience. If you have any problems accessing any of the listed presentations please contact Kim Phillips at kim.phillips@ssbbartgroup.com for alternatives.

Closed captioning is available with all webinars.


2015 Trends Webinar2015 Digital Accessibility Trends – View

December 11, 2014

A comprehensive look at key trends and developments in digital accessibility laws and standards, development paradigms and platforms expected in 2015.


Accessibility Overview Series: Accessibility ConceptsView

May 14th, 2013

A high-level overview of core accessibility concepts including challenges faced by various user types, leading assistive technologies, and laws and regulations related to accessibility.


Web Accessibility 101

Accessibility Overview Series: Web Accessibility 101View

October 1, 2013

A great webinar if you’re new to web accessibility, this 30 minute presentation gives a very high level overview of some of the core concepts including non-text elements, page structure, navigation, keyboard access and forms.


Accessibility Overview Series: Laws and StandardsView

April 23, 2013

An introduction to domestic and international accessibility laws, standards, and regulations related to information technology.


Accessibility Overview Series: Business Drivers for AccessibilityView

September 24, 2013

A high-level overview of key business drivers for accessibility including conformance to the law, avoidance of revenue loss, minimization of legal risk and elimination of employee discrimination.


Accessibility Roadmap for Products and Websites

Accessibility Roadmap for Products and Services - View

April 16, 2014

Business drivers for creating an accessibility roadmap, relevant standards and guidelines, key concepts for building accessibility into a website and/or application and how to structure a sustainable accessibility product roadmap.


ARIA Overview Title Slide

ARIA OverviewView

June 17, 2014

An overview of the Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) specification, ARIA and WCAG, key ARIA features and where ARIA is supported.


ARIA Support on Mobile Browsers Title Slide

ARIA Support on Mobile BrowsersView

March 10, 2015

A review of the different browsers available on mobile platforms and their level of accessibility with screen readers and ARIA roles, states, and properties.


Defending Accessibility Lawsuits Title Slide

Defending Digital Accessibility LawsuitsView

February 26, 2015

Key guidance on how organizations can defend against potential litigation, respond to complaints, and implement structure and processes to meet consent decree performance objectives.


Developing an Accessibility Training Program Webinar Title Slide

Developing and Rolling Out a Unified Accessibility Training ProgramView

March 17, 2014

An overview of successful methods and lessons learned when defining and rolling out a digital accessibility training program in a large organization.


DAMM Webinar Title Slide

The Digital Accessibility Maturity ModelView

October 16, 2014

An overview the Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM) – a Capability Maturity Model based framework to help digital accessibility programs measure their development against an objective yardstick.


Compliance Monitoring Title Slide

Digital Accessibility Compliance Monitoring - View

September 25, 2014

An overview of compliance monitoring, the benefits and limitations of automated testing, manual and functional testing and compliance testing models.


FCC Overview Title Slide

FCC Accessible Communications Regulations #1: Legal Overview and CoverageView

July 31, 2014

An overview of the FCC rules, including those pertaining to the CVAA, Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act and the rules covered by 47 CFR 6, 7 and 14. 


FCC Implementation Requirements Title Slide

FCC Accessible Communications Regulations #2: Implementation RequirementsView

August 7, 2014

Defines the requirements present in FCC accessible communications regulations for implementing and developing accessible technology. 


FCC Recordkeeping Title Sllide

FCC Accessible Communications Regulations #3: Recordkeeping and EnforcementView

August 13, 2014

A review of the recordkeeping obligations (47 CFR 14.31) of Section 717 of the Communications Act as it relates to organizations that are covered under the CVAA and Section 255 requirements.


FCC Product Lifecycle Title SLide

FCC Accessible Communications Regulations #4: Product Lifecycle ImplementationView

August 20, 2014

Defines the required steps in a product development lifecycle to ensure conformance with the FCC accessible communications requirements while meeting the recordkeeping obligations of the CVAA. 


FCC Video Legal Requirements  Title Sliide

FCC Accessible Video Regulations #1: Legal Requirements – View

November 5, 2015

A current overview of the FCC laws and rules governing video programming for television program creators, content distributors, and video playback and recording devices and software.


FCC Video Implementation Overview Title Slide

FCC Accessible Video Regulations #2: Implementation Overview – View

November 12, 2014

Outlines the required steps in a content and product development lifecycle to ensure conformance with FCC Accessible Video Programming requirements.


Launching a Successful Program

Launching a Successful Digital Accessibility ProgramView

February 19, 2015

A comprehensive framework for effectively developing and rolling out a digital accessibility program across an organization.


Making Valid Compliance Claims Webinar Cover Slide

Making Valid Compliance Claims – VPATs, GPATs, Conformance Claims and More!

April 22, 2014

Methods and techniques for developing valid, defensible claims of accessibility compliance in public sector procurements, including VPATs and GPATs.